Stupid Rant Of The Day

How fucking expensive is water these days? Dearer than electricity I can tell you that. I’ve just had a bill from the lovely people at Thames Water asking me to pay for my water up until the end of March 2007, that’s water I haven’t even drunk yet! Further more the charges come to £30 a month which seems stupidly high considering I’ve used about £20 of electricity in the past two months and this is more than than my shiny 24mb broadband connection. Ok, fair enough, I need a clean water supply and I need someone to deal with …

Idea Of The Day

I’d like to see Frosties in crisp packets (about the size of bag Frazzles used to come in) so I can eat them on the bus. Possibly with a Salt n Shake style sachet of milk. Actually, scrap the last bit that’ll probably get messy.