My supermarket wants to sell me car insurance. I’m!

Two-Dimensional Beans Cause ConcernWhat is confusing about that? They’re trying to sell you car insurance in the same way they try to sell you baked beans you daft cow! They’re a supermarket, they sell things. If you’re confused by that, never go in a Tesco Extra, your head might explode. An escalator for trolleys? But… but… wh… KABOOM!

Maybe I should watch less daytime TV.

What is confusing me is the number of price comparison websites that are now competing to end the confusion that has apparently occurred due to the large number of insurance companies there is to choose from. In five years time there will be more price comparison websites than insurance websites and in ten years time there will be more price comparison websites than people and whole extra tier of comparison sites will have formed to effectively rate the price comparison websites so you know which one is most likely to give you the best quote and then you can use this to find the best quote on your car insurance.

We Need Quotes. Lots Of Quotes.Worryingly, this has already happened. I saw an advert for on the tube the other day (It’s the price comparison website which thinks it’s The Matrix if the TV campaign is anything to go by.) claiming that in an independent study it was shown to be the most likely price comparison site to find you the best quote for your car insurance.

But how accurate was this survey? If only there was a website which told you which was the most trustworthy survey of price comparison websites so you could use that to select the best survey and use the results of this to pick the best price comparison website which you could then use to find the best car insurance quote.

When will the madness end?!


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