Continuation of a Theme

I had a second look at the Money Supermarket ad on the tube the other day.

Man Overcomes Saddling Difficulties (Photo © Maniac World)I know it sound like I’m obsessed with this advert but I’m not, it’s not even my favourite tube advert. My current favourite tube advert is for a travel insurance company which promises to cover you against a variety of extreme sports such as paragliding, bungee jumping and the like. It’s my favourite advert because the list includes ostrich racing which I had never even heard of before but have now decided might by the single most exciting competitive event ever conceived. I might even start a petition to have it included in the 2012 Olympics. According to the font of all lies, Wikipedia, the sport is unlikely to catch on “due to the irascible temperament and the difficulties encountered in saddling the birds.” If anything, I think that adds to the entertainment value. Let’s see Usain Bolt try to get a saddle on one of the buggers.

Seriously though, when the Olympics does come to London I would like it to take the form of an international village fete.

“And Australia take the Gold in the Welly Throwing. The sport, known as Gumboot Lobbing, down under is now the third most popular summer sport in the country.”

It’ll be great. There’ll be a coconut shy, guess the number of sweets in the jar (the USA on top form there) and a tombola. I can see it now, 80000 people packed into the Olympic Stadium to see Michael Phelps in the Splat The Rat final.

Splat the Rat Gold Medal Winner Celebrates VictoryWhat was I saying? Oh yeah, I remember.

The Money Supermarket advert claimed that the Ipsos-MORI survey proved they were the best price comparison website but all it actually proved was that Money Supermarket are rubbish, they’re just less rubbish than the other sites. Out of a total of 100 tests, they gave the cheapest (or equal cheapest) quote 42 times. This means that despite offering to find you the best deal, more than half the time they don’t. Nobody expects price conmparison sites to get the cheapest quote all the time, but 42% of the time is just rubbish. The website only does one thing and it’s crap at it!

As Armando Innucci pointed out in his very underated 2001 series ‘The Armando Iannucci Shows’, if something is your only job, you should be able to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best at it, but you should be able to do it. He presented Olympic pole-vaulters as a group of life’s biggest failures. Their only job is to use a pole to jump over another pole and they frequently fail to manage to get it right. Its’s their only job! Nobody wouldn’t have minded if Chris Hoy had failed to win any medals in Shanghai but the whole nation would have been dissappointed if he’d failed to make his bike go forward, or if Rebecca Adlington had missed the pool.

And so all the major price comparison websites should be ashamed of themselves. They only have one purpose and the majority of the time they can’t do it.


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