I felt very cool this week as I realised I had met two out of the four guests on the latest episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Admittedly I’ve only met Pennie from The Automatic at signings, but I did once bump into Amy Winehouse at a gig. To be honest, she bumped into me but she did apologise which was nice of her.

In other news, I got a letter telling me that something I may or may not own may have been found on a bus. I went to the Lost Property Office on Baker Street and they told me that they’d found some train tickets that belonged to me. Although I was very grateful, they were for journeys that occured last week and therefore useless. They said that they’d post them to me for free, but I told them not to bother.
The woman that served me was covered in photocopied £10 notes which I’m sure is illegal. She told me that it was for Children in Need and all the staff had dressed up as train stations. How this helps children I’m not sure, but she seemed pleased with herself.

“Go on, guess which station I am?”
“Erm (looking at the money)… Mornington Crescent?”
(clearly not getting the sarcasm) “No, try again.”
“Yes. I can’t believe you didn’t get it the first time.”

She then proceeded to introduce me to all the other staff including Kew Gardens and Hornchurch. The woman (wearing a cross and devil horns) pretenting to be Hornchurch then stole the halo from Angel and told us that she was now “The Good, The Band & The Ugly”.

I’ve lived in London over two years and have never heard of that train station but I wasn’t going to argue with a TFL employee so decided to smile and leave.


  1. Quality random stuff! I like how they offered to post you the expired train tickets for free :0) then the fact that they were dressed up as train stations? How weird..I’m glad i wasnt a TFL employee at the time. At least these people were getting a laugh out of it.. I would have walked away feeling slightly concerned about these people’s sanity..and that of people in general..

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