Looking Out For Number Two

Please note: I know precious little about international politics so feel free to correct me / argue with me / insult me over anything. I might not agree but should probably be told.


Americans like chips. Sweeping generalisation as it, everyone knows it’s true.

This will ultimately be Barack Obama’s downfall, for, unlike the Republican candidate, he does not share his name with the world’s largest producer of french fries. If he can strike some kind of deal with McDonalds to rename their chips ‘Obama FriesTM‘ like George W Bush did with ‘Freedom FriesTM‘ then he might have a shot at the White House.

“Would you some Bidenque sauce with your Obama FriesTM? It makes them taste more mature.”

Now Available from Franchised Fast Food Outlets Across AmericaJohn McCain announced his running mate this week, Sarah Palin, presumably to appeal to all the floating voters who like women and guns and hate gays and abortion. She may also appeal to confused Monty Python fans. On the surface, Palin appears to tick a lot of the boxes that McCain fails to, mainly that she can get in and out of chairs without difficulty and still has all of her own teeth, but politically they are very much the same. It therefore surprised me when somebody commented on the BBC News website [link] that, “I was leaning towards Obama but with this choice I think I’ve changed my vote.” What?! McCain and Obama have fundamentally different political ideologies so surely the introduction of a young woman on a ticket isn’t going to make you think differently about the world? If you tend to side with the Democrats, how can you switch allegigence to the Republicans just because they’re offering a slightly hotter Vice-President? I mean no offence to Joe Biden, I’m sure he’s quite the hotty if you’re that way inclined.

It’s none of my business anyway, I don’t get a vote. On the other hand I am a citizen of Earth and therefore it is my business. Not only does America’s foreign policy seem to affect every corner of the world, if the people of America do decide that their country should be run by a left of centre black man than then the ripples of this will be felt across the world. It will act as a rallying call to the liberal minded everywhere that in a democracy real change can occur. Unless Obama gets elected and then decides that the working classes haven’t really done much for anyone, abandons public healthcare and decides that what the country really needs are lower taxes for rich people.

This said, Obama probably won’t get elected. America hasn’t elected a black president yet, they’ve just given themselves the option of electing a black president. I like having the option of a salad rather than chips, that doesn’t mean I’ll take it. Americans also like chips. And stupid old white men.