Once We Had A Rocket at the IWM

For anyone who hasn’t heard me talking about this on a constant basis, the documentary I produced with Mat Stracy for my MSc in Science Media Production, Once We Had A Rocket, has won the Audience Poll at the Eighth Imperial War Museum Student Film Competition. A huge, massive thank you to everybody who went to see it and voted for it.

As a result, the film will be showing at the IWM Cinema in Lambeth until mid-January. If you’re in London and a bit bored, why not go and see it? It’s free! The film is showing at the following times…

Saturday 20th December – 1130, 1400, 1530
Sunday 21st December – 1130, 1400, 1530
Monday 22nd December – 1130, 1400, 1530
Tuesday 23rd December – 1130, 1400, 1530
Monday 29th December – 1130, 1400, 1530
Tuesday 30th December – 1130, 1400, 1530
Wednesday 31st December – 1130, 1400, 1530

January 2009

Thursday 1st – Tuesday 6th January – 1130, 1400, 1530
Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th January – 1130, 1400, 1530

The cinema is at the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London, SE1 6HZ and it is free to get in.

Also showing in the same programme will be Endstation Heimat (Best Creative Response to the Subject of War Winner) and Finding Home Again (Best Documentary Winner). All three films should (in theory) be shown on The History Channel sometime in 2009. If you can’t make it to the museum and can’t wait till it’s shown on TV, you can watch it on YouTube or using the player below…

Once We Had A Rocket (2008) A documentary account of Britain’s post war programme to build a rocket that would launch satellites into space.  An off-shoot of Britain’s nuclear weapons programme, the project was eventually terminated in 1971.  The film includes archive film of the rocket when it was in development on the Isle of White, test firings in Australia and interviews with some of the British engineers and technicians who worked on the project.


  1. Hi Joe, I found your video when I was reading through Wikipedia about rocket carriers. Great stuff! I don’t know how old you are and how long are you making videos, did you say that this one was sort of a student project or something? I see you went a great length to find the participants, both in the U.K. and in Australia, and you got archive footage. Really well done, thank you!

    Maybe you could repost your video to vimeo.com, they will allow you to upload the whole video as one piece, and I am sure it will be more welcomed and recognized there than on youtube. Anyway, thanks for the video!

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