Stupid Rant Of The Day

How fucking expensive is water these days? Dearer than electricity I can tell you that.

I’ve just had a bill from the lovely people at Thames Water asking me to pay for my water up until the end of March 2007, that’s water I haven’t even drunk yet! Further more the charges come to £30 a month which seems stupidly high considering I’ve used about £20 of electricity in the past two months and this is more than than my shiny 24mb broadband connection.

Ok, fair enough, I need a clean water supply and I need someone to deal with my waste water so maybe £1 a day is good value considering everything Thames Water are doing for me.

But then they have the cheek to ask me to use less water! At that rate I’m using as much water as I possibly can! I’ve even got the tap running as I write this….


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