The Newspaper War

thelondonpaper is winning the afternoon newspaper battle by being better and actually containing news, however the walk home still sounds like this every day… “Free newspaper?” “Wow, a free newspaper! I could do with knowing what’s going on in the world and the latest rumours about which blonde celebrity is pregnant. Thank you!” “Free newspaper?” “No thanks, already got one.” “Free newspaper?” “No thanks, already got one.” “Free newspaper?” “No tha… oh, wait this is a different one, hmmm, it may have different news in it, or better news or a better photograph of a blonde celebrity who may be …

Dogs and Rabbits

My parents have decided to get rid of their new rabbit because it is out of control and has taken to using the dog’s kennel as a toilet. My dog isn’t very pleased about this, understandable really, I’d be fuming.