The Newspaper War

thelondonpaper is winning the afternoon newspaper battle by being better and actually containing news, however the walk home still sounds like this every day… “Free newspaper?” “Wow, a free newspaper! I could do with knowing what’s going on in the world and the latest rumours about which blonde celebrity is pregnant. Thank you!” “Free newspaper?” “No thanks, already got one.” “Free newspaper?” “No thanks, already got one.” “Free newspaper?” “No tha… oh, wait this is a different one, hmmm, it may have different news in it, or better news or a better photograph of a blonde celebrity who may be …

What You’ve Missed

… if you have been out of the capital for a while. 1) Euston Square underground station is finally part of the Wellcome building, is still under construction but the entrance has moved and its looking a bit snazzier. 2) There appears to be a free newspaper war every afternoon about 4pm with people trying to make you read either London Lite or The London Paper. Who wins? You decide! 3) The weather has been mostly hot. 4) Erm… that’s it. Quiet summer compared to last year, probably a good thing.