Predictions for 2008

Stolen from a Charlie Brooker column, written about 2007. He was wrong. The world’s been in a violently unpleasant shape since 2001, and the law of averages dictates we’re all due a break. 2008 is going to be the best year ever made. All wars will end. We’ll cure cancer and Aids – twice. In February it’ll rain banknotes for a week. In July, rabbits will learn to talk. Better still, they’ll tell jokes – hilarious jokes, jokes you don’t need to be a rabbit to appreciate, jokes offering a fresh, rabbity perspective on human foibles, making us unite as …

Dogs and Rabbits

My parents have decided to get rid of their new rabbit because it is out of control and has taken to using the dog’s kennel as a toilet. My dog isn’t very pleased about this, understandable really, I’d be fuming.